Monday, 26 April 2010


It's been 2 months since Florian Kruse packed out the loft and it's now time for Cognosco once again. Liebe* Detail's Matthias Meyer headlines on Friday and no doubt it will be absolutely packed out once again. Afterparty shenanigans for me this weekend as I once again team up with Seb Budniak to knock out some house flavoured disco at the as yet to be announced afterparty venue around the 7am mark.... Best catch up on my sleep this week!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Quite a few gigs coming up in the next couple of weeks, starting off with the fabulous Filthy Habit Boat Party which kicks off at 7PM next friday and spends the next 4 gloriously sunny (hopefully!) hours cruising along the The River Aire. The party continues at a 'as yet to announced' secret venue until the wee hours of Saturday Morning. I shall be playing on the boat party with fellow disco comrade Sebastian Budniak and it promises to be a cracker. Only 75 tickets available for the boat priced at £10 so best be sharp!


Monday, 12 April 2010


Ahem... not that I would EVER be guilty of the above, but Instruments of Rapture brought light into my monday morning when I noticed their back catalogue online on Juno download - bloody immense news! I've waxed the plastic and invested in most of them today - stand outs are 'Ooft - This Sound' and the delicious Revenge rework of 'Just a Memory'....

Fingers crossed for a Jisco back catalogue 320 release soon eh?


Saturday, 3 April 2010


Just finished off a review of Cognosco's party last month, where Florian Kruse made his leeds debut at the the Loft. I should be writing a few more reviews/articles for soonnight over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

(pic courtesy of

" Fatboy Slim once famously chimed ‘We’ve come a long long way together’ and although Cognosco may not quite yet have hit the heady heights that Norman Cook did during the late nineties, they’re certainly getting there. What started out as a free party at the Hyde Park Social in May 2009 has quickly developed into one of the ‘must go to’ nights on the house and techno circuit in Leeds. You need look no further than the queue outside The Loft at just past midnight for proof of that: it seems Florian Kruse has attracted the biggest Cognosco crowd to date.

Each time this team has held an event at both the Loft and The Oracle, I have been impressed with their attention to detail; it would be impossible to accuse them of simply sticking a pair of speakers in the corner of a room and calling it a club night. The usual ‘Punch and Judy-esque’ DJ booth at the far end of the club has been tucked away and, in its place, is a large table that allows much more of a focus on the DJ. Long black drapes hang along the length of the ceiling on the left hand side, giving the effect of a much more intimate room and providing easy walking access both to the toilet and the bar. Sadly, rumoured noise complaints from the neighbouring flats forced an early closure of the courtyard as a smoking area, but we’re lucky to be here at all after the furore surrounding it’s closure as The Northern Light a few short years ago, again due to sound issues.

Deep house is very much the order of the night back inside, and as Brad Mercer polishes off an impressive set and hands over to German DJ and producer Florian Kruse for his Leeds debut, the downstairs area of the Loft was packed out from the DJ booth to the back of the bar. It is fair to say that Cognosco always attract a crowd that have an ear on the DJ rather than an eye on the cameraman; a steady mix of glammed up girls mix with guys in t-shirts and trainers but the emphasis is always very much on having a party and tonight is definitely no different.

Kruse may not be a name on the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment but the previous bookings of Giles Smith and Alex Niggemann have proved that Cognosco have a knack of snaring high calibre guests that are a little off the beaten track of the tried and tested house/techno route. DJ’ing off a laptop with an impressive looking Vestax midi controller, Florian plays for the best part of two hours with a very steady and levelled mix of deep 4/4. Resident Marsden ups the pace a little with some jackin’ grooves and, when he drops the Frankie J remix of Bryan Jones – ‘Body Move,’ can’t help a cheeky grin creeping out the side of his face as it’s met with a more than enthusiastic response.

We leave The Loft a little after 4am, just as David Hulme is cueing up his second or third record to a crowd of people that had barely diminished in numbers since the night had reached its peak; indeed, the day after, tales crept back to us that the after-party in a secret Hyde Park location rolled on until gone 10am. And, it seems, with Liebe*Detail’s Matthias Meyer lined up to headline the next event, Cognosco itself will keep rolling onwards and upwards… "