Monday, 22 February 2010


I recently prepared a short interview with Florian Kruse for the Ugroove website ahead of his gig for Cognosco at the Loft this coming Friday... Check out what he had to say here.

It’s been a very busy last couple of years for Florian Kruse. After a number of years perfecting his studio skills in Hamburg, Florian finally burst onto the deep house scene in 2007 with a number of releases on Om Records, Heya Hifi and SlipNslide. Collaborations with Nils Nurnberg and Stel followed in 2008, as well as a number of solo releases that found their way onto forward thinking dance floors the world over.

Florian’s expert skill in infusing dub influenced melodies with the more conventional deep and tech-house grooves have found his production skills and DJ sets in high demand, with his recent remix of Scope’s ‘This Rhythm’ on NRK holding a top ten place in the Beatport deep house chart for six weeks. This feat was crowned with a headlining set at the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt at the end of January this year.

We managed to grab five minutes from Florian’s busy schedule ahead of his Leeds debut at Cognosco to discover what has been making him tick over the last couple of years.

Hi Florian! We are all very excited to catch you playing at Cognosco on the 26th. Leeds has a reputation in the UK as the clubbing capital of the North; are you looking forward to your debut in the city?

Oh yes, I’m really excited! I met Steve Jones from Leeds last year at Sonar (Barcelona) and he told me something about the club scene. It sounds all good and promising!!! I also read an article in the DJ Mag last week; Leeds – I’m coming! Hahaha....

You were recently booked to play Sven Vath’s Cocoon Club in Frankfurt... surely one of the greatest accolades a DJ can receive! How was this for you?

That was amazing! My studio buddy Nils Nuernberg and I had a good time in Frankfurt, we played with Motorcitysoul’s C-Rock and met some guys from Hed Kandi. We were really pleased to play at Cocoon and totally enjoyed it.

Your releases have been championed in house and techno clubs the world over in the past couple of years. What releases and remixes do you have in the pipeline?

Lately I’m doin’ a lot together with Nils Nuernberg. We are joining forces and sharing a studio in Hamburg. We are pretty busy at the moment and have a long list of remixes and originals upcoming. I’m so proud of the new releases for example 'Drenched’ on Kolour Recordings including remixes by Motorcitysoul, Kris Wadsworth & Don Melon and the remix we did on Will Saul’s Simple Records. We have an 2 track EP upcoming on Slip N Slide including remixes by DJ Sneak & Scope and a lovely release on Noir Music called 'Lovers n Fighters' coming soon with a fantastic floor filler remix by DJ Madskillz. We also did a remix for Santos and there are a few other things coming. We have no reason to slow down... hehe ;-)

Which artist’s productions find their way into your record bag? Which track is really doing it for you on the dance floor at the moment?

Well, there are a few good artists around. Really hard to mention names here. I’m so flashed by the track of Hermanez called 'Soms’ at the moment, this one is massive for the maintime. For the warm up set Shur I Kan’s upcoming release on Dark Energy really hits me, especially the track 'Joe’s Joint’. Just brilliant!

And what is your favourite record of all time? Do you have a ’never fails’ record that always keeps its place in your bag?

Yeah, there is one tune from Irfane called 'Just A Lil’ Lovin’, I don't have this in my bag anymore, but this record was in there for a long, long time!!! It’s such a positive vibe and a secret weapon for special hours ;-)

You’re most well known and respected for your house productions; how did you get into the electronic music scene initially?

My older brother is Vincenzo, so I've always grown up with house music ! I’m still his biggest fan ;-)

In the UK, Germany (especially Berlin!) is known as almost some kind of house/techno ‘Mecca’. How do you feel the UK compares to your home scene?

You are right, Germany is known for good electronic music and we have a big scene especially in Berlin, but I think that the UK, for example, London, can compete with it. You have so many big labels in the UK and a few good clubs. It’s funny, but I’m actually working more with international than German labels and most of them are coming from the UK (Simple, NRK, Slip N Slide, Urban Torque...).

What has been your favourite gig over the last 12 months?

Cocoon, for sure, but I also enjoyed last year the party at Sonar at 'La Terrazza’. I played with Marc Romboy, Shur I Kan and Mike Monday, that was big fun...

And finally; what does 2010 hold for Florian Kruse?

I’m goin’ to marry this year. I wanna play live’ and hopefully see many places in the world I’ve not been to.

Read the Interview here at Ugroove.TV

Monday, 15 February 2010


Just had a cracking weekend playing at Detached at Beaverworks in the new Room 4 - the event was absolutely heaving and there was some top class techno being knocked out in the main room. The Modern Love showcase downstairs was quite lush on the ears and the venue itself is quite simply amazing - warehouse vibes central. Anyhow, new mix from me, representing what you would expect to hear should you catch me playing anywhere.



1. Unknown Super Dooper Edit [Unknown}
2. Mark E - Déjà vu [Running Back]
3. Joey Negro - Put a Lyric in it (Revenge edit) [Z Records]
4. The Mole - Fats Edit [Philpot]
5. 6th Borough Project – McLovin [Permanent Vacation]
6. Move D feat. DJ Late - Computer Flop [Workshop]
7. Soundstream - Soul Train [Soundstream]
8. Crazy P - Never Gona Reach Me [2020 Vision]
9. Fernando – Scarecrows [Redux]
10. Chris Carrier - I'm in Love Today [Silver Network]
11. Patchworks - Brothers on the Slide (Jimpster Remix) [Still Music]
12. The Mole - Guilty Pleasures [Internasjonal]
13. Chris Carrier and Jef K - Get Up [Silver Network]
14. Studio - Life's a Beach (Todd Terje Edit) [Information]
15. Chamboche - Feverish (The Revenge Remix) [Under The Shade]
16. Tensnake - Coma Cat [Permanent Vacation]

More Mixes: AdamDaniels


Five years ago, I would have been plying your ears with two mixes of sci-fi electro so spooky it would have had Luke Skywalker running for his light sabre. Whilst I am still a massive fan of the aforementioned music, over the past 2-3 years (and especially now I have reached the grand old age of 25) I have been getting more and more into the dubby, disco and downtempo sounds that my local record emporium has been able to provide. This was initially due to my residency at Kill The Disco (see below) where I realised the latest Anthony Rother and DMX Krew releases perhaps wouldn’t suit an 8pm warm up slot, but since then, my hunger for these sounds has burgeoned and now I quite frankly cannot get enough! A very bizarre Monday night in Berlin dancing to the most unbelievable underground 80’s disco music in the infamous Tachelles Squat venue has further increased my appetite to expand my knowledge of disco music both old and new.

In the previous few years I was involved in running a night entitled ‘Kill The Disco’, which began in my hometown of Middlesbrough before emigrating to Leeds when the vast majority of us involved began University commitments there. Will Saul, Marc Ashken and DNCN were among some of the many guests knocking out shapes behind the hallowed turntables. The night ran for the best part of a year and a half and grew from a weekly free party in a small bar to hosting numerous events at both the Mint Club and Cornerhouse. More recently I have begun playing in the back rooms at the last few Detached nights at Beaverworks, with headliners such as Derick May, James Ruskin, Andy Stott and Pendle Coven appearing on the same line up. I also play the Cognosco after parties at various venues of debauchery across the city.

I have been a runner up in the I-DJ raw talent competitions twice, once in May 2005 and again in July 2006. I ran a radio show entitled 'Live @ The Underground' on for three years whilst I was studying for my BA and over the duration of the show we attracted guest mixes and appearances from the likes of Billy Nasty, Tim Sheridan, Ellen Allien, Slam, Marco Passarani and James Holden amongst many others. The show was featured in both I-DJ magazine and DJ Mag as podcast/radio show of the week/month (or something like that!).

This mix is what I'd hope to play in a club with no restriction - starting off nice and slow and deep before building it up a little (but not too much!). I like to play for as long as possible if I get the chance so if you can imagine this mix spread over three or four hours then you'll get a pretty good picture of how my set would go.

I do hope the sounds on this CD are kind on your good folk’s ears, and all comments are appreciated!


Monday, 8 February 2010


Detached is hosting it's Valentines party and if you are searching the internet for that elusive romantic gesture for your special day then I don't think you can go far wrong with buying her a ticket for this event at Beaverworks on the 13th. The main room is hosted by Labyrnth Records but it is the basement that grabs my attention where Modern Love stalwarts Pendle Coven and Andy Stott headline; I love that warm dubby techno sound these two produce and an appearance from fellow Modern Lover Claro Intelecto would have been the icing on the cake.

Alas, it is not to be, but rather than getting saddened by this you can comfort yourself with the fact that I will be doing my disco/house thing in Room 4 alongside Errol Brown (Dirty Disco), Scott Broadhead (Detached) and Mundyke (Audio Punk Records). Should be a cracker as always and you can buy advance tickets for the event HERE or alternatively send me a message on here or Facebook and I should be able to sort out some kind of discount guestlist..

Full Details of the event:

In the warehouse: Labrynth Records & Guests____
REEKO - LIVE [mental disorder - spain]
EXIUM - LIVE [nheoma, labrynth - spain]
SUB SPACE - LIVE [mirage, axis records, labrynth - france]
MILLER & KEANE [audiosculpture, holland]
MICHAELANGELO [labrynth, portugal]
visuals by JWILX

In the basement: Modern Love & Meanwhile_____
[deep techno, dub & minimalism]
ANDY STOTT - LIVE [modern love]
PENDLE COVEN - LIVE [modern love]
DJ MLZ [modern love / cache]
MURMUR [meanwhile]
BOVILL [meanwhile]
DEMDIKE STARE [demdike stare]
visuals by CODE FC

Room3: Electro, Dubstep, House & 80s Synth Pop______
HORROR BRAWL electro set [detatched]
SYSTEMIC electro set [jactation / labrynth]
SUBSTANCE D [room303]

Room4: Deep / Tech House______
ERROL BROWN [dirty disco]
MUNDYKE [audio-punk records]
ADAM DANIELS [kill the disco]

Drinks £2 beers, £2 shots, £1 water
Cloakroom £1
Large covered & heated outdoor smoking area

£13 tickets on sale now@
£15 otd.

The free party bus will be picking up all night from the city centre.
rsvp as attending to receive bus pick up times and locations a few days before the event.


Another weekend has been and gone and as I lie on my sofa on a Monday morning swearing to myself to have a quiet one next Friday/Saturday I took 5 minutes to review what went on over the previous 48 hours.

On Friday OOFT! music came to town to play Polaroid - the whole Ooft/Revenge/6th Borough Project sound has been filling my ears with delicious sounds for a good year now and if it wasn't for a 6 hour University workshop at 10am on a Saturday morning (what in the world were they thinking putting a lecture on at this time!) then I would have been there with bells, cymbals and hi-hats on. My housemates ended up venturing down to Wire around 1am after only going out for 'a couple of drinks' and the sight of them on rolling around on the living room sofa the following morning when I dragged myself up for my lecture was not an unexpected one! Apparently it was a real cracker from start to finish, Ali Ooft was on the money and I hear from good sources that Ste Roberts was on top form playing the final set too... Polaroid has it bang on for me at the moment and their lineups over the next couple of months mean I must try and make more of an effort to get down to their parties.

In the meantime, you can check out the Ooft! blogspot if you haven't yet done so which is full of info on new releases as well as the odd occasional edit you get to download for free - check it HERE

Saturday night came around quickly and the anticipation gathering around the city for the impending arrival of Locodice at the Mint Club was feverish - there was even talk of someone buying 3 tickets on ebay for the night for £80 EACH - are they for real?! System have really entered the Champions League of club nights with their booking policy for the first part of the year (Locodice then Luciano in Feb/March, followed by Villalobos AND Sven Vath on the Thursday and Sunday over the April Bank Holiday!) but the £20 plus ticket prices for these events that go hand in hand with booking guests of this calibre might put me off if I didn't work behind the bar!

I arrived for work just after 9pm and there was already a queue of at least 100 people waiting to get in; I knew I was already in for a long night at this point. Cormac was on warm up duties and although technically a very good DJ, I do find some of his tune selections a little questionable at times; who honestly thinks playing a 130BPM techno track as the first record of the night, followed by 'the best of Johnny D' ('Orbital life' followed by 'Sliding Away' in a twenty minute period), constitutes a good warm up set? So much for building the music up! Guti and Tini came on afterwards and both put in solid performances with some groovy house/techno and when Locodice came on at just after 3pm the club was probably the most full I have ever seen it in a long long time; Cracking atmosphere but I do question why the massive hype surrounds Locodice? This was the first time I've seen him play and I can't grasp why he has this god like status in the techno community; his set was fairly average (6/10?) and there wasn't really any musical notation to any of the tracks he was playing save for the last hour when he started knocking out a bit more deeper stuff. The previous 5 hours of music seemed very basic to these ears and stayed on the same level throughout; the 'drill' consisted of the following pattern - incessant kickdrum and snare, zero melody, beats drop out and breakdown kicks in with average baseline, crowd start screaming/whooping/raising hands in the air, loud as fuck kickdrum drops back in, ice cannon blasts out for 10 seconds, strobe flashes and then process repeats itself approximately every 5 minutes...

The crowd weren't the typical System crowd either - there was a lot of vest tops and sunglasses on show and a bit more attitude than I had experienced at previous System nights. I guess a lot of the crowd were the Ibiza/DC10 sort and that is why Locodice commands such a reputation in the UK because of the number of people that go to Ibiza and spend 2 weeks being 'converted' to house and techno after a couple of garys and a session in DC10/Zoo Project. I seen one guy with a white vest top with the slogan 'Ket, Ibiza and Sex' - how very fucking cool you are.

Despite my moaning about these things, the night was actually quite enjoyable and although it did drag on until well past 9am in the morning by which time I had lost both the ability to serve any more drinks and the will to live, System definitely did itself proud by the production of the night and the staggering amount of people it managed to attract. You can't question Locodices' quality as an entertainer either - he played for more than 6 hours, literally had to be dragged from the decks at the end of the night and danced and jived away in the DJ booth with the best of them for the duration of his set. I do look forward to the upcoming System nights over the next couple of months; Lucanio for his latino/spanish house and techno thing, Villalobos for being a bit of a living legend and Sven Vath simply for his entertainment value and party techno vibe - when he last turned up at the Mint after Cocoon in The Park last year he had to be carried out of the club without playing a record as he was so wasted!