Monday, 15 February 2010


Just had a cracking weekend playing at Detached at Beaverworks in the new Room 4 - the event was absolutely heaving and there was some top class techno being knocked out in the main room. The Modern Love showcase downstairs was quite lush on the ears and the venue itself is quite simply amazing - warehouse vibes central. Anyhow, new mix from me, representing what you would expect to hear should you catch me playing anywhere.



1. Unknown Super Dooper Edit [Unknown}
2. Mark E - Déjà vu [Running Back]
3. Joey Negro - Put a Lyric in it (Revenge edit) [Z Records]
4. The Mole - Fats Edit [Philpot]
5. 6th Borough Project – McLovin [Permanent Vacation]
6. Move D feat. DJ Late - Computer Flop [Workshop]
7. Soundstream - Soul Train [Soundstream]
8. Crazy P - Never Gona Reach Me [2020 Vision]
9. Fernando – Scarecrows [Redux]
10. Chris Carrier - I'm in Love Today [Silver Network]
11. Patchworks - Brothers on the Slide (Jimpster Remix) [Still Music]
12. The Mole - Guilty Pleasures [Internasjonal]
13. Chris Carrier and Jef K - Get Up [Silver Network]
14. Studio - Life's a Beach (Todd Terje Edit) [Information]
15. Chamboche - Feverish (The Revenge Remix) [Under The Shade]
16. Tensnake - Coma Cat [Permanent Vacation]

More Mixes: AdamDaniels


Five years ago, I would have been plying your ears with two mixes of sci-fi electro so spooky it would have had Luke Skywalker running for his light sabre. Whilst I am still a massive fan of the aforementioned music, over the past 2-3 years (and especially now I have reached the grand old age of 25) I have been getting more and more into the dubby, disco and downtempo sounds that my local record emporium has been able to provide. This was initially due to my residency at Kill The Disco (see below) where I realised the latest Anthony Rother and DMX Krew releases perhaps wouldn’t suit an 8pm warm up slot, but since then, my hunger for these sounds has burgeoned and now I quite frankly cannot get enough! A very bizarre Monday night in Berlin dancing to the most unbelievable underground 80’s disco music in the infamous Tachelles Squat venue has further increased my appetite to expand my knowledge of disco music both old and new.

In the previous few years I was involved in running a night entitled ‘Kill The Disco’, which began in my hometown of Middlesbrough before emigrating to Leeds when the vast majority of us involved began University commitments there. Will Saul, Marc Ashken and DNCN were among some of the many guests knocking out shapes behind the hallowed turntables. The night ran for the best part of a year and a half and grew from a weekly free party in a small bar to hosting numerous events at both the Mint Club and Cornerhouse. More recently I have begun playing in the back rooms at the last few Detached nights at Beaverworks, with headliners such as Derick May, James Ruskin, Andy Stott and Pendle Coven appearing on the same line up. I also play the Cognosco after parties at various venues of debauchery across the city.

I have been a runner up in the I-DJ raw talent competitions twice, once in May 2005 and again in July 2006. I ran a radio show entitled 'Live @ The Underground' on for three years whilst I was studying for my BA and over the duration of the show we attracted guest mixes and appearances from the likes of Billy Nasty, Tim Sheridan, Ellen Allien, Slam, Marco Passarani and James Holden amongst many others. The show was featured in both I-DJ magazine and DJ Mag as podcast/radio show of the week/month (or something like that!).

This mix is what I'd hope to play in a club with no restriction - starting off nice and slow and deep before building it up a little (but not too much!). I like to play for as long as possible if I get the chance so if you can imagine this mix spread over three or four hours then you'll get a pretty good picture of how my set would go.

I do hope the sounds on this CD are kind on your good folk’s ears, and all comments are appreciated!


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