Monday, 28 December 2009


I spent last night at the Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton listening to some awesome disco sets from Crazy P and PBR Streetgang at the Asylum Christmas shindig and having been inspired by this (and due to the fact my hangover has left me incapable of leaving the sofa) I have spent the day stocking up my digital record bag. Resident Advisor started the day off with a classy podcast from Tensnake (HERE) and I had to bag a couple of old Soundstream tracks after hearing one in his mix.

This seems to be the pick of the bunch today for me..

Downtown Party network pricked my ears with a remix of Acos Koolkas a couple of months ago and I found this gem as well today - big piano riffs and maybe a little epic but definitely doing nice things to my ears. One of my mates commented it was a bit 'wine bar-ish'?? Surely not!

This rather mysterious EP from Tiger & Woods is definitely up my street as well and doesn't seem likely to get a digital release so it may well have to be one of the few vinyl purchases I make very soon. HERE

And finally this little gem from the Mole (has he ever had a bad release?!) I actually got this a couple of weeks ago and played it at Detached - bang on the money with that house/disco groove.

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